#the100dayproject : 40/100

#the100dayproject : 40/100

today is day 40 of this awesome project and i decided that deserves some glitter! [i think it goes without saying, but all the glitter paper i use is a wonderful quality ensuring that the glitter doesn't come off, because i have an intense hatred for loose glitter.]

i also wanted to make cards i could send to a couple friends and the bonus is that because i used a new rainbow die-cut, i ended up with a couple extra cards. each color cuts five times so using all of the pieces meant five total cards. 

using mostly warm colors [with the addition of bright blue], this rainbow is certainly cheery! i love that it's a little wonky and that each ray isn't exactly even. fun fact - this was a free die with purchase from mft but it took me two orders to get it! when i first saw it i didn't think i needed another rainbow. [how wrong was i?!] then i saw this card that the rainbow master laura bassen made and decided i needed to get it asap. 

i ordered the glitter paper to try it out and i'm happy that i did - it's so sparkly! i added in a sentiment, also from mft. i think it's really important to tell your friends and your tribe how much they mean to you - on a regular basis. there's a handful of friends that i have and every time we end a chat or a phone call or even a visit, it ends with a "love you" and it makes my heart so happy. growing up i heard those words from family all the time and i knew how much it meant. the older i've gotten, the more i've realized how important those friends are - that become family - and how important it is to tell them. 

i kept the order of the colors the same on all of the cards, but because of the sizes of the pieces, each one is slightly different. just look at that glitz! ahhhh i love it! since the sparkle is a lot to take in, i went with a bold black ink for the sentiment and left the card at that - no additional details. 

part of me finds it hard to believe that i've made cards everyday for the last 40 days and part of me is super jazzed about the next 60 days! i'll be adding the extras of this particular style [that i'm not mailing out] to the online shop over the next couple days. 

in case you aren't on the receiving end of my [mostly] monthly newsletter - you can check out this month's edition here. i don't sell or give away your info and it's mostly a once a month email, but it does have oodles of good info...so share with a friend or sign up yourself! 

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