#the100dayproject : 4/100

#the100dayproject : 4/100

a little close to the wire in terms of completing day four before midnight, but i got it done! [these long work days are trying to kill me!]

today's color choices were a little brighter than the past few days and upon seeing them i was pretty jazzed to create a bright and energetic-feeling card. 

i felt like the colors were a little springy and with the easter weekend upon us, what better way to spread some sunshine than with a fun and quirky card? i say quirky because it's not often you see pink clouds. or is it? i mean during sunsets you see pink clouds. yep. that's what i'm going with. 

i love the way that the sunshine edges stick up a little for added dimension - it shows shadows in the photos but i kinda dig it. a bright yellow envelope is sure to make the recipient smile as well - double bonus. 

just look how happy that is! doesn't it just make you smile?

the sentiment is stamped in crisp black ink and reads "sending sunshine" which i think is the perfect text for this card. the subtle stitch lines on the rays of sunshine coordinate with the stitch lines around the perimeter of the inner orange block. 

i can't wait to add these to the shop early next week [as previously mentioned] - probably monday. 

who would you send this one to? any requests for upcoming cards? let me know what you think!

4 down, 96 to go!

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