#the100dayproject : 39/100

#the100dayproject : 39/100

so i've had this idea in my mind for quite some time and tonight, despite it being super late when i got home from work, i decided to try it. 

i am so happy that i did because i absolutely love it. i ended up making two cards in the same style for two friends & i cannot wait to hand deliver them! i'm also sharing a bunch of photos because i'm just so happy with the results! 

these two friends are coffee fiends. remember how much coffee lorelai drank on gilmore girls? they top that, ten-fold, daily. 

i began by die-cutting the base for the coffee cup from white cardstock. using several shades of brown, tan and honey distress ink, i blended the cup. then, i spritzed some water on the ink and dabbed at it with a paper towel to remove some of the ink. i think it kinda looks like ice and i’m so happy with it! 

i cut the top for the cup twice, once from vellum and once from clear cardstock, which is similar to acetate. layering them together gave a frosty appearance over the whip cream. the straw was cut from green cardstock and then inked with a darker green ink to get just the right color! i also decided to cut another layer of the cup portion from the clear cardstock and i layered it over the inked piece. this way, the whole cup looks like it’s made of plastic. 

i layered the cup over a background that i stenciled in some soft black ink. stamped next to the cup is the sentiment "happy everything" also in black ink. the entire panel was layered onto a creamy brown card base. 

a hidden surprise will be on the inside, where i'll be tucking a giftcard to starbucks! i'll jot down a little note and i just hope to make their day, the same way they make mine. 

those little notches will hold the giftcard securely, i'm just hoping that my local store has horizontally designed giftcards!

happy, day-maker cards are some of my favorites to make and i can definitely see myself making more cards in this style. this cup is just so fun and i really enjoy mixing products from several different companies. 

the photos don't do it justice, but man is it awesome! ack, i just love it so much! 

even though it took longer than i planned, and even though it was after a really long day - the way that i feel when something works out the way i want it to is just incredible. this is why i do what i do and how i want people who open these cards to feel. just makes my heart happy!

hopefully your weekend is off to a wonderful start - i'm almost 40% done with this challenge!

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