#the100dayproject : 35/100

#the100dayproject : 35/100

so today's card will probably end up being a spoiler alert, but hey, it happens. it also needs a little background info...

since the quarantine began in ohio, our work schedule has been pretty intense. we do open to close thursday-sunday so it's about 10-11 hours a day. our fur children typically go in their cage when we are gone - but several things to note : we call it their condo and they do voluntarily go in there to hang out. i can fit in there, so it's not a tiny cage. they love to snuggle and sleep. buttt that's way too long for them to be in there, especially four days in a row. our normal work days are 4-8 hours long so we know it's best for them to not be locked up four long days. 

luckily for us, my parents live nearby, have a fenced in yard, and love having our weasels for sleepovers. so for the last eight weeks, they've had an additional eight little legs for three-four days/nights a week. 

all the thank you's in the world aren't enough for us to express our gratitude. as much as we miss them when we come home at night, we know it's the best thing. they get to run free in the backyard, bark at neighbor dog [whom i've named mr. floof], take snoozles and get extra belly rubs [and cookies, i'm sure!]

but as a start to say thanks, i made this card today. 

i love this die-cut from mft and i can't wait to make some additional doggo cards for the shop. our pupper's paws are actually [mostly] white, but i thought that would make a boring card. 

using some scraps i added the diagonal striped panels near the bottom and then added a few hand-drawn details with white gel and black glaze pens. rounding just one corner always adds a detail that i really like. 

hopefully just a few more weeks of this crazy schedule, [although i'm not entirely sure i'm mentally/emotionally/physically ready to go back to our previous schedule.] i know this card will just be a start in our thank you process, but it comes with the most sincere thanks, love and appreciation. 

and in case you're curious about the status of my lost package of new supplies, here's the only update i have - fedex has been contacted and has started their own inquiry with geo-tracking, but couldn't give me any idea when i might have an update. the company i ordered from is sympathetic and wants to know when i hear back from fedex. so...stay tuned. 

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