#the100dayproject : 34/100

#the100dayproject : 34/100

let me start day 34 by saying happy momma's day to all the mommas out there - especially mine! i wouldn't be who i am or have the creative talent and spirit if it weren't for you! so thank you - from the bottom of my heart!

as for the card today, i knew i wanted something somewhat simple because i knew i'd have a super long day at work. i came home with the idea of a one-of-a-kind card and while it turned out awesome, it was definitely time consuming. but - that being said, i think it was worth it!

i decided to do a couple things different with today's card:

- make it square [which is fun because then it requires a square envelope and i usually have to make them, so double bonus!]

- use different colors with a stencil, so it involved quite a bit of tape and a lot of masking, but again, totally worth it!

- i also used watercolor paper. it has a slight texture to it which catches and holds the ink really well. initially i thought about adding water spritz drops to this background because i did the ink blending with distress inks and they react with the water, but eventually decided against it because i wanted a little bit of a "cleaner" card.

- i blended the striped portions of the background in an ombre pattern with two different colors and the solid areas are one color. i also added in some stamped circles full of layers of rings - i just thought they played well with the background. 

the sentiment reads "you're my ride or die" and i just love it. i think it's almost like a little piece of art instead of a card, definitely something that could be out all the time. 

smatterings of clear sequins add a visual triangle which also pair well with the triangles in the background. and also, who doesn't love sequins?!

i lifted the entire colored panel off of the card base with foam tape, and i left a half inch bold border around the panel on the actual card base. i didn't want it to get lost with just a thin border. 

this is quickly becoming one of the favorite cards that i've made during this challenge and i can't wait to see what else i can create by stealing ideas for future cards based off of this one! 

what's your favorite part of this card? the stenciling? the colors? the sentiment? the sequins? let me know! 

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