#the100dayproject : 33/100

#the100dayproject : 33/100

i was so excited to come home to a new stamp set today, only to find out that apparently it was signed for - by someone else - and isn't actually at my house. [insert very frustrated kerry here.] mind you - i've never signed for a package from this company in all my history of ordering, but still. 

so while i wait to get into contact with fedex to figure out who has my package and how i go about getting it back - i decided to play with another new stamp set that did actually show up. yay for that! 

let me just say, this stamp set has so much potential and i'm so excited to really dive into it! i decided to play it simple tonight because it's been a super long day and i'm honestly exhausted, but i can't wait for some more time to really create. 

the stamp set from mft has been designed so that the bottom of the butterfly can be stamped in a different color than the top - and the detail work, seen here in black is so beautiful when overlapped. oh i just can't wait to make so many more designs!

i used a sentiment from an older mft stamp set on this front panel and it reads "thank you for being particularly amazing" in black ink. i think sometimes the simple can be so perfect. 

just look at that detail! i can imagine coloring those in or doubling up and designing a top and bottom the same and so, so many more ideas. [this set will definitely come out on my next stretch of days off!]

while they don't look much different, the two shades of pink are actually pretty different from one another. the card base matches the top half of the butterfly and i did draw some freehand lines around the perimeter of the card front. that's still one of my favorite details to add in!

i can see myself making a whole series of cards with these butterflies - what do you think? who doesn't appreciate a nice thank you card? i could send this to a handful of people at any given time! 

hopefully you are enjoying the weekend! 

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