#the100dayproject : 32/100

#the100dayproject : 32/100

every now and then everyone needs a reminder that they're awesome, right? maybe especially nowadays when the world is going all whackadoodle. 

that was the idea behind today's card. it's definitely not the most complex card i've ever made, but i wanted it to have a very loud and clear message. 

combine a little polka dots with a splash of glittery shimmeryness and you are on your way to an amazing card. 

i added in the stamped sentiment "you are so awesome" just for good measure! i love the two tones of blues with the polka dots, especially on an angle. i think that the tangerine card base is a great compliment to the blue as well. the glittery black [that doesn't come off because you all know i hate actual glitter] compliments the black of the sentiment and i think it just completes the entire card. 

i went back and forth about adding a smattering of dots or paint flicks or hand-drawn lines, not knowing if it's missing something, but after looking at it for a bit, i think i like the way it came together. after all, the message is the most important part!

32 days down, 68 to go! 

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