#the100dayproject : 30/100

#the100dayproject : 30/100

i think i've mentioned in the past that when i go to purchase a new supply, i try and come up with at least three ideas for it, in a way to justify it to myself. if i can't come up with three then i put it on the back burner for awhile. 

when i saw a few products come out from my favorite things a few weeks ago, i had an idea that i was so excited about - even if it isn't the most traditional use of one of them. 

this die-cut set spoke to me - who doesn't love cupcakes, right? i have some other dies and stamps that would coordinate and they'd be great for birthday cards. but the idea i had in mind used a new stamp set, also from mft. 

oh that's right, i decided to use the frosting portion of the cupcake as a delightful little pile of poo. i actually hate the poo emoji on my phone, but combined with the sentiment "i love the crap out of you" - i mean, that's pretty cute. 

i used two different patterns, dots and gingham plaid to add a little texture effect to the card front. the sentiment is stamped in black ink and the splash of color comes from not only the 3/4 circle, but also the envelope. 

while brown isn't the most exciting color, i do love the way it compliments aqua. i added three different shades of it on this card and i love the way it came together. 

both the rectangles as well as the 3/4 circle feature faux-stitching around the edges. when items are next to each other like they are above, i think it looks like they are almost sewn together. just a fun detail that i like. 

as usual, i added an elevated element - and you guessed it, it's the pile of poo. i also used some distress ink to shade and add some dimension to the sides of it. 

so while this card might not be everyone's cup of tea, i'm okay with that. i like having a variety of styles. and side note - if you were wondering how many cards styles i've had or currently have in the shop, it's over 375! i can't wait to add all these new styles from this awesome challenge. 

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