#the100dayproject : 29/100

#the100dayproject : 29/100

happy taco tuesday/cinco de mayo! 

i thought about making a card with a taco on it today, but in texting with the bestie all day, i decided to change routes. 

we kinda have this ongoing joke about moving in down the street from one another and how that's a real life goal. side note - there's a house for sale down the street so i'm pretty sure it's a sign she should move in. 

anyways - i decided to ink blend one huge background and then die-cut several times from the same panel. i have a string of houses against a strip of black which could represent a street. 

for almost seamless blending, i used distress ink oxides which blend like butter! i love the way that they just look like they belong next to one another. 

because the inks blend and react with water - i splashed a little on the row of houses and then dabbed it off. it adds such a cool effect. 

i stamped the sentiment "i wish we lived closer" in black ink near the middle of the card - both horizontally and vertically. i love the typewriter font as well - quite classic. 

this is definitely a simple card, but i love the way it came together. also, because of the way that i ink blended the background and die-cut the houses, each card is slightly different. some have pink on the left and work their way to green and on some it is the opposite. 

i like the way that even though these cards are the same design-wise, they are all slightly different because of the colors. it just makes them all that much more unique. 

anyone else feel that the best scenario for life would be living in a small community with all your favorite people? that's definitely a life goal of mine. i have a tribe and i love them hard. 

tomorrow's card will be number 30 and that means i'm 30% done with this challenge! i'm so proud of the way i've kept up with this and i have such a cool stash of cards ready for so many occasions! don't forget that the majority of them are available in my online shop. :)


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