#the100dayproject : 25/100

#the100dayproject : 25/100

today i'm sharing two cards - but only one was featured on instagram. [bonus for you!]

this first card is super simple but i am so happy with how it turned out. it was inspired by the ig account for concord & 9th and i think it could be used for any reason to cheer someone up! i mean, who doesn't like googly eyes? and especially when they're purposely two different sizes!

the second card i'm sharing here was commissioned by jon for a friend of ours from work. tomorrow is his 24th birthday but they [jon and the friend] have an ongoing joke about how the other friend is really 42. so since he'd be turning a year older, i added that little embellishment onto the envelope with the help of some die-cut numbers. they might look familiar in style since i used them yesterday, but i often forget about how much i love the look they provide!

the black lines around the perimeter of the envelope were added with one of my favorite pens. it's a black glaze pen and it adds the slightest bit of texture but writes so smoothly. it is also reflective in the light. 

as for the card itself - i'll apologize now to anyone who might get or be offended [sorry momma!] with the saying on this card. i assure everyone it's all in good fun! [plus it's from the amazing cathy zielske stamp set and you all know how much i adore her.]

the dinosaurs are supposed to be a play on how he's now turning so old - haha! and the saying is a little sassy but both jon and i think our friend will get a kick out of it. 

i stamped the dinos and then colored them with my prismacolor markers. these are another tool that i often overlook when mass producing cards since they take awhile to blend, but man do i love the results they give off! no idea what color dinosaurs actually are, but a bit of whimsy is good for everyone. 

i love adding in little details [also with the glaze pen] like the freckles or dots on this big green dino. so fun!

so while the first card was super simple today, i think it'll be one that will be a hit in the online shop when it's added later this week. and for the second card, i think our friend will really like it too. 

hope you're staying safe and enjoying your weekend! 

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