#the100dayproject : 24/100

#the100dayproject : 24/100

today's card is a one of a kind - i don't make these very often but when i do i remember how much i love doing super special cards for specific events!

one of my bosses at work asked if i could make a card for her nunnie's 90th birthday since she'll be spending it in quarantine. her only requests/suggestions were that it be a bigger sized card so lots of people could sign it and then also that it might have purple or flowers in it. 

i knew making a larger sized card would be harder to fill with flowers, so i opted for another fun birthday tradition - balloons!

as i got to sketching the idea, i decided to try and make the entire card out of shades of purple. i've seen lots of designers do challenges like this and loved the idea, but this was my first attempt at it. 

i pulled some patterns from my scrap stash and die-cut a handful of balloons. i also die-cut the numbers 9 & 0 from dark purple with their border out of a sparkly silver - because every 90 year old needs a little glitz!

i had two different shades of purple baker's twine in my stash, so as a fun detail i tied the twine around the stem of the balloons as if they were the strings. i cut them at varying lengths and layered the balloons all over the top portion of the card base. the balloons with the numbers on them are raised up with foam tape for added dimension.

using black ink, i stamped "it's your birthday" near the bottom of the card and i added some white highlights with a gel pen. i also drew wonky lines around the perimeter of the card front with a glaze black pen - it has a slight texture and an awesome shine. 

since the card is a larger size [5.5" x 8"] i knew i wouldn't have an envelope for it to fit into. no worries though! i decided to make one! i picked out my favorite patterned paper [in the history of ever - from doodlebug] and used my we r memory keeper's envelope punch board to create a cozy home for this card. my favorite thing about it is that the outside is tone-on-tone polka dots and the inside is a grid pattern. so fun!

i also decided to add some details to the inside of this card. i mean, it's for a 90th birthday, why not go all out? 

i adhered two more balloon die-cuts [one was even cut from fun foam for a squishy texture!] to the inside and tied their strings together. i added the sentiment "celebrate" near the bottom of the card. it matches the front of the card in both style and font. also again i added the white highlight marks. 

i hope that my friend's grannie likes this card - and i hope that she has an amazing day as well.

i really enjoyed the challenge of making it all out of one color and i'm looking forward to carrying that technique forward on some more cards as well. i think the birthday theme is a great way to explore this idea - what colors would you pick or like to see?

and as a general reminder, i'm always happy to create custom cards for you for any event or reason you might like - feel free to reach out or contact me

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