#the100dayproject : 23/100

#the100dayproject : 23/100

i decided to go back to the color swatches today even though i've had fun the last few days playing with what speaks to me. this was a little different for me with two shades of green and pink and the very dark blue. 

i decided to make a new version of one of my very favorite cards. i've had a request for it recently and have sold out of the other colored versions. 

using the middle green as a card base, i was able to use the other four colors on a white panel for the main sentiments. the included envelope is very similar to the green on the second row of "thinking of you" and will surely pop in the recipient's mail box! 

repeated four times is the sentiment "thinking of you" - once in each of the four colors from the swatch. between the third and fourth row is an additional row of text in a different font, which simply reads "not in a creeper way" and i think is so quirky and sassy! i also rounded the upper left corner of both the stamped panel and the card itself for additional detail.

i mean, it's great to know people are thinking of you but have you ever wondered like what are they thinking about? maybe it's just me. i thought it was super fun though and as i've mentioned, it's one of my most popular cards when i have it in stock. i like to switch up the colors so it's never exactly the same. 

i might not earn any [made up] creativity points for this one since i've technically made it before, but i'll take my points for making another card - the 23rd in this series of 100. 

i'm trying to not only use a variety of colors [mostly thanks to the color swatches] but also a variety of styles and themes of cards. i get a lot of requests for sassy as well as thinking of you, so this one should check both boxes. 

i added a handful of new cards to the online shop today, including mother's day and these awesome new stenciled sets in a variety of themes: thank you, friendship and day brightening/encouragement. i plan to add even more tomorrow amid mailing out some orders and organizing the craft castle a bit more! 

hopefully your week is going amazingly! 

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