#the100dayproject : 2022 : 9/100 - boop

#the100dayproject : 2022 : 9/100 - boop

when i was designing my inspiration wheel this time around, i wanted to include topics that could become a springboard for inspiration. one such slice of the wheel is "inspired by..." and it just so happens that that is the result of today's spin! i wanted to be able to search pinterest or something in print [or anything really!] and find some element of design that i could work into my card for the day. 

today i worked in that manner - but a little bit backwards. when i purchased this die from simon says stamp, i immediately had an idea for the use of it and today's the day. 

1cre8ivemess - boop

i love that cathy zielske designed this die and i love even more the way she says a little "boop" with the perfect placement of each and every sequin in her card making videos. but also? also i love the way the character alexis on schitt's creek does a little finger point and says "boop" to the people she cares about. i decided to find some inspiration from david's wardrobe [her brother] since she usually boops him and he almost always dresses in black and white. 

1cre8ivemess - inspired by ... schitt's creek

i found this compilation of images online and decided to use it as the basis of my card design. originally i wanted to use just the image on the far left with the lighting bolt design. i have a similar stamp and thought embossing it on black with white powder would be amazing - but i didn't like the results. then i moved onto a glittery paper which also didn't work. but the third time was a charm. i selected a somewhat busy patterned paper that combined a variety of shapes in black on a white background - i could so see david wearing a sweater in this pattern. 

1cre8ivemess - boop - detail

i mounted the patterned paper onto a black panel and then used the same color black to die cut the background for the word. the actual boop is cut from a slightly matte finish dark grey/black shimmer paper and adds just the right amount of sass to this card. the word boop is elevated off of the card base with the use of foam squares and the entire card base is white. it's so ridiculously simple, and yet it's one of my favorite cards yet this year. 

1cre8ivemess - boop - flat lay

it just makes me so happy! who would you give this card to? who's your favorite person to boop? let me know!

9 days down and 91 to go! 

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