#the100dayproject : 2022 : 4/100 - thinking of you

#the100dayproject : 2022 : 4/100 - thinking of you

happy day 4 friends!

i have to admit that i really enjoy using a spinning wheel as a launching pad for my daily card. i think that otherwise i'd just be all over the place and never able to focus. i've been following the hashtag #the100dayproject on instagram and scrolling and commenting on various photos/accounts that speak to me. i've found several feeds that are using some sort of similar system to spark creativity - whether it be a roll of the dice or a day of the week topic and it's fun to see what works for others. 

today's turn landed on embossing and unlike the first round of the project where i had wedges for both dry and heat embossing, i decided to leave this one a little more open. i've also learned some techniques using stencils to emboss or deboss a design so i'm happy that i left it full of options. 

1cre8ivemess - thinking of you

it was later than usual by the time i sat down to work on today's card and to be completely honest, my first attempt was a major fail. so, i pulled this watercolored panel i had in my stash of pre-prepped backgrounds and decided to heat emboss a sentiment on it. the glossiness of the embossing was a little difficult to photograph, but i think you get the idea. using a stamp from pinkfresh studio, i stamped it in black ink and then used a clear powder to melt over the top. it gives it such cool texture and slight dimension. 

1cre8ivemess - thinking of you - flat lay

the cardstock for the card base and the coordinating envelope both came from gina k designs - i just love this color and it fills in a great hole in my stash. it's not true aqua but also not turquoise and yet it seems to work in both directions on the color wheel. 

the background was created using distress inks and i love the unpredictability of them - no two colors ever blend or mesh the same way twice. i really enjoy the process of creating depths of layers of colors by painting the inks on the paper until i feel it's finished. 

1cre8ivemess - thinking of you - detail

perhaps my favorite element on this card is the addition of sequins - five total, but each a different color. i layered them on top of the area of the same color, still creating a visual triangle. i think it helps your eye flow across the card and the splash of shiny reflectiveness makes me smile as well. this is certainly a one of a kind card and it'll be hard for me to let this one go, regardless of whether i list it for sale in my shop or if i send it myself! 

regardless of the fact that we're only 4 days into this challenge, i'm so jazzed and pumped to see what i can create and how i can expand my stash. i love branching out with new ideas and techniques and am excited for what's to come!

4 days down, 96 to go! 

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