#the100dayproject : 2022 : 11/100 - thinking of you

#the100dayproject : 2022 : 11/100 - thinking of you

happy day 11 of this awesome project!

i consider today to be the start of the second wave because each time i do this project, i create a collage of all of the cards i've made and each row/column has ten days in it, so being day 11 it's the start of the second row. yay!

today's spin on the inspiration wheel landed on new product and because i'm still reeling from yesterday's cards and how awesome they turned out, i decided to use some foil again. 

in this round of the project i haven't yet made a thinking of you style card and that's one of the requests that i got when i did my survey a few weeks ago. i'm also trying to make some cards that are simpler in design, but pack a powerful punch. i think that the foil helps with that because man is it awesome. 

1cre8ivemess - thinking of you

the foiled criss-cross pattern along the left side of the card front is actually a bronze color and it goes so well with the natural kraft with a pop of aqua around the edges. it's so smooth in color but there's a slight texture to it - where you can feel the tiny squares from the process of the foil being imprinted and almost indented into the paper. each way that you move the card you can see more and more color. 

1cre8ivemess - thinking of you - detail

the light almost makes the color move - from a bronze to a copper and then back again. i could stare at this all day long! i added three small sequins in two different sizes to coordinate with the color of the card base. 

1cre8ivemess - thinking of you - detail 2

i stamped the sentiment "thinking of you" in black ink along the right side of the card base. it's the only element that's black, but i think it works. another thing that i did a little differently on this card is that despite being wider than it is tall, i created the fold along the left side. it's a little untraditional but i like to make these cards as unique as possible. it's almost like saying "plot twist" when you discover something unexpected. i dig it. 

1cre8ivemess - thinking of you - flat lay

i love the way that this card turned out and i have so many ideas for future styles. as i mentioned, i've been collecting supplies for a little while and i was slightly intimidated to get started in fear of messing up. i did a little trial and error and without too much waste i think i have a great system lined figured out. so heads up - it's going to be so much fun to see what else i come up with! stay tuned for sure - especially if foil is your jam. 

11 down, 89 to go! 


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