#the100dayproject : 2022 : 10/100 - yay! it's your birthday

#the100dayproject : 2022 : 10/100 - yay! it's your birthday

let me first begin by saying holy all things amazing and awesome and shiny - today's cards were game changers and i'm so freaking excited about them!

the spin for day 10 of #the100dayproject *finally* landed on foiling, and i've been dreaming about this day because i have a boatload of new products that i've been itching to play with, but also slightly scared, but also mostly excited about using. 

1cre8ivemess - yay! it's your birthday x2

i managed to get double the amount of cards i typically make because i purchased an additional tool that allows me to use what might ordinarily become waste. bonus!

beginning by using a metal plate with the design shown, i adhered rainbow striped foil to it and then ran it through a different tool to imprint the foil onto the paper. when you reveal it, it's like magic. i have to find a way to do a video of it. 

1cre8ivemess - yay! it's your birthday [positive]

so this was the first card that i created. i took the panel that had been foiled and i die-cut it into the shape of a circle. i wanted it to become a background and focal point of the card. i took a sentiment strip from mft and stamped it onto a thin strip of paper before trimming in the edges like a banner shape. the circle and the sentiment strip are both layered on foam tape, but of different thicknesses for added dimension. 

1cre8ivemess - yay! it's your birthday [positive] - detail

every time you move this card in the light, your eye catches a different color within the linear pattern. it's so freaking awesome and no two will be the exact same. the color really pops against the black background, but the inside of the card is blank with plenty of room for your handwritten message on the white card base. 

remember earlier i mentioned that i was able to use what would normally go to waste? it's the unused foil - the negative of the pattern shown above. yay for no waste! i freaking love it!

1cre8ivemess - yay! it's your birthday [negative]

with this card i had to angle my camera a little differently so that you wouldn't see the reflection, but i think you get the idea. i love how colorful it is and the way i was able to line up the stripes in the coloring with the lines in the design. i just love it when that happens!

1cre8ivemess - yay! it's your birthday [negative] - detail

i have so many colors of this incredible foil - because of course i do! and i'm continuing to stockpile my stash with items that can be foiled; sentiments, backgrounds, patterns, the list goes on. it's such a cool technique and while it can be a little bit time consuming for those of us who are a little highly ocd, the results are stunning. seriously. hallmark has nothing on me. one of my favorite things is creating cards that you don't see on the shelves of target or giant eagle or wherever it is that you normally purchase cards. i want to be different, be bold and be colorful and these cards are making it happen! 

10 days down, 90 more to go! 

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