#the100dayproject : 20/100

#the100dayproject : 20/100

today marks day twenty and that means that i'm 20% done with this challenge! i'm not gonna lie, i doubted whether or not i'd be able to keep up with it consistently with my crazy work hours, but so far i've done it!

i didn't use a color swatch today, but i did use a brand new stamp set! i have a rainbow set from concord and 9th that i love and when they dropped a new set with a taller rainbow i didn't think i needed it. i was wrong. i missed out on their first release, but managed to snag it a week or so ago. 

there's something childlike and whimsical about it and i can't deny that it just makes me so dang happy!

i decided to use random colors in kind of a reverse rainbow order. i liked the blue background because it reminded me of a sky color. the sentiment, stamped in black ink reads "sending sunshine and rainbows" which is often something that i say. 

to add an element of sunshine, i'm including a yellow envelope with this card, so nearly all the colors of the traditional rainbow are included in one way or another. plus, yellow envelopes in snail mail just invoke happiness. it's a fact. 

it's certainly not the most complex card, but one thing i really stand behind is that it's not how fancy a card is or how much you write inside, but the fact that you took the time to pick out a card and drop it in the mail. we need to be sharing as much handmade happiness as we can right now. 

i'm sending sunshine and rainbows to all of you for a wonderful week ahead!

this week i'm looking forward to adding some thinking of you, thank you and maybe even a few more mother's day cards into the mix. i'll also be adding everything since the last update to the online shop and creating a few sets of cards that would make wonderful mother's day gifts. you've got a little less than two weeks friends - make everyone happy and write your momma! 

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