#the100dayproject : 19/100

#the100dayproject : 19/100

today's card is a straight up copy - of myself! i first made this card last year and i absolutely love the way it turned out, the reactions it received and the requests for more! 

it's another mother's day card and while it has a black card base [which isn't always the most appealing to people] - it has a feature that stands out because of the black background. 

the butterfly wings are cut from a holographic card stock and so when the light shines on it, it has an amazing reflective property. plus, my favorite thing about the wings is that they pop up as seen below!

the bottom layer of the butterfly is black and the wings raise up for dimension. [they do lay flat for mailing purposes.]

the simple sentiment near the bottom of the card reads "happy mother's day" and is stamped in black ink. 

the top left corner is square but the other three corners are all rounded for added detail. the inside of the card features a white panel with the same rounded edges so you have plenty of room to write your sentiment to your momma!

i mean for real, how amazing is that shine?! i just love it so much! it'll be in the shop within the next couple days - but i highly recommend this one for your momma - and every other momma you know!

what's your favorite gift to give for mother's day? share some ideas below. 


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