#the100dayproject : 18/100

#the100dayproject : 18/100

heyyy friends!

today was a long day, i'm not going to lie! i decided to skip the color swatch and play around with another background that i made a few weeks ago to create my cards. 

i knew i wanted to create a bold mother's day card but i didn't want it to have a lot of frufru. 

let me just say that even with all the angles of this card that i'm going to show, they don't do it justice. it is so metallic and so shiny and it's just gorgeous in real life. 

i went with a coral colored envelope for this gem and it plays off of the ink colors so perfectly, even if it doesn't photograph particularly well. 

the sentiment is simple - stamped in crisp black ink it reads "happy mother's day" and is slightly angled along with an accent piece of rose gold foil. 

the reds and pinks and corals in this swirly pool of goodness are accented by touches of a very shiny and reflective metallic gold. there are a few cards i was able to create and while the design is the same on all of them, the patterns of the ink are not since they're truly one of a kind. 

every time you turn the card to catch the light you can see a new view of where the gold has spread itself in the midst of the warm colors. 

any momma would love to get this card, i'm sure of it - but limited quantities will be available and added to the shop within the next couple days. 

i think this corner is my favorite [minus the harsh shadows] - it's just gorgeous. 

making these types of backgrounds makes me happy because it's so difficult to control the outcome, so i feel like they are good for my creative spirit. i often sit down to create and explore different color combos and end up with the most miraculous results! i then often cut them apart to maximize the amount of cards that i can create. i also believe that because they are so intense, a little goes a long way. 

any requests from you on what kind of mother's day cards you'd like to send to your mom? i have a few more ideas up my sleeve, but i'd love to hear what you think!


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