#the100dayproject : 100/100 - woot woot!

#the100dayproject : 100/100 - woot woot!

holy crap you guys - i did it! 100 days and 100 card styles. woot woot for me!

in order to celebrate, i made a card! this one actually turned out kinda similar to a card i made earlier in the challenge [not planned] but it's glittery and happy and full of celebrations. [i'm going to have to rephotograph them though, because the shadows and lighting were awful. oy.]

the right side of the card front is full of glittery, shimmery purple which is accented by a die-cut circle full of congratulatory text. the words woohoo, yasss, congrats, way to go, niiice, woot! all repeat over and over in white letters on a light grey background. i added some hand drawn dots and dashes around the circle with a white gel pen. 

there's a blue banner across the front of the card base with angled edges. the sentiment stamped on the banner reads "congrats - you are awesome" in black ink. 

i think it's quite fitting for me to give this card to myself in celebration of completing #the100dayproject - but i'll also be listing it in the shop in the near future. 

thank you so much for following along - i plan to highlight a few additional details tomorrow - as well as a collage of all the cards together [it's so awesome!]

100 down...woot woot!

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