#the100dayproject : 10/100

#the100dayproject : 10/100

the completion of today's card means i'm 1/10 of the way through this challenge and that's such an awesome feeling!

i wasn't ecstatic about the color combination today if i'm being honest. [another reason why i'm so glad that i decided to go the route of the color swatch book.] it is definitely out of my wheelhouse to pick the colors it's deciding for me. 

after staring at the colors for a few minutes, i felt like i was being pulled into a southwestern feel for the theme of the card. 

i added in a few extra neutrals with an oatmeal color as well as a creamy brown. 

the sentiment "just breathe" is the focal point - centered and the largest element on the front of the card. it's a a one-layer card but i did add in a few scraps of paper along the left side and the bottom to tie in more of the colors. 

i think the elements are kinda southwesterny and aztec-ish and i think it works. it's a little different than my normal style, but this is what the challenge is all about. plus, the message is the most important part!

the sentiment is another stamp from a newer set to my stash and i'm just digging the font and the encouragement. the repeating pattern of triangles makes the design cohesive. 

one of my favorite parts of this card is the bright orange envelope that's included. i think seeing bright colors in the mail is one of the best parts about sending snail mail. it sticks out from the bills and advertisements and you just know you're about to open some happiness. 

what's your favorite part of sending mail?

here's to 10 cards down and 90 more to go!

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