#the100day project : 6/100

#the100day project : 6/100

day 6 here ...

being completely honest, i pulled a color swatch this morning and we were so busy at work that i didn't have a chance to give it much thought. after a 9.5 hour day, going to pick up our doggos, visiting [from a safe distance] with the parentals and coming home - i just didn't have it in me to work with that swatch. 

so i pulled one of the pieces i created last week while experimenting and playing with new alcohol inks from ranger and looked at it for far too long. then i remembered the perfect sentiment for a friend who is incredible [and probably could use a reminder!] and knew i had to combine the two. 

i only used three different colors of alcohol ink to create this background and it's completely dreamy. i could stare at it for hours. and it kind of breaks my heart to know i'm going to mail it away but at the same time also makes me happy to share it. 

because the sentiment is a compliment, i think that this card can be kept out all the time as a decorative piece, and i'm hoping that my friend does just that. besides the fact it's a good reminder, this card is gorgeous. i can honestly say i love this one so much!

the light turquoise color has a pearl effect and is so shiny and shimmery, especially when the light catches it. 

the sentiment has been heat embossed with that shiny finish and crisp lettering and sits on a small die-cut square which i elevated with foam tape. [i know, you're shocked.] the die-cut has faux stitching which is so subtle that i don't think it takes away from the entire card.  

every time you move this card around, it shimmers and shines in new ways. i just love the way it was created and marvel at the fact that it's truly a one of a kind. 

i'll use a white gel pen to write my message on the inside and it'll match the white lettering on the front. a grey envelope will be it's vessel on the way to my friend and i have an extra sliver from the front panel that i'll use as an envelope seal, just for fun. 

maybe tomorrow i'll get back to the swatches and sketches, but today i'm just happy i created this awesome card and kept the streak of 100 days alive. 


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I’d love one like this — Day 6/100 — you’re doing a fantastic job…

Aunt Susie!

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