march meet the maker : day 8 : love to make

march meet the maker : day 8 : love to make

day 8 : love to make

today's prompt is a difficult one for me, simply because i love to make all. the. things. - i mean seriously! 

buttt, if i have to choose, i still think cards are my favorite thing to make. it's rare that i make a card for myself [although there have been a few i've kept for myself just because i love the way they turned out - as seen below] but one of the reasons that they're my favorite to make is because i give them away! it's my hope and mission to share as much handmade happiness as possible. 

if you've been around for awhile you know that i'm a firm believer in starting a ripple and making a wave and i truly think a handwritten note can change someone's day - and even their life. it's one of my goals this year to send more mail than ever and thanks to my #mailitmonday feature, i'm off to an impressive start! 

another reason i love making cards is because they're small works of art. i can try a new technique or color palette and if it doesn't work the way i want it to, it's only a small piece. 

i love being able to experiment with texture, color, fonts and embellishments while sharing the results with other people. 

on the card below, the purple heart has a clear coat of glossy accents on it, so when it's completely dry it'll have a great shine to it. 

to mimic the envelopes that are stamped on the bright green layer, i die-cut into the layer to resemble an envelope. i gently rolled the "flap" up a little so that it appeared like it actually opened. 

the purple rectangle with the sentiment is [of course] elevated with foam tape because i love dimension. the tiny stitching details are some of my favorites - and i'm hoping the recipient loves them as much as i do!

plus how true is that sentiment?! i love having something to hold in my hands - and it's just not the same with a phone or laptop for an email. and then add in colored envelopes and it's just the icing on the cake!

my second favorite thing to make is probably scrapbooks, but these days those are mostly for my own benefit. it's still super fun, but i think i was made to share my creativity. 

in terms of other top favorites - i also love making banners and invitations as well as home decor. i enjoy wood projects and all the diy i can get my crafty hands on. i have taught myself some basic crochet and enjoy making all the colorful blankets! i want to learn how to sew [like my momma!] and pinterest is amazing at inspiring me to make all the things. 

i also have to say that the instagram gallery of makers is inspiring as well - there are so many insane projects and crafts that are making me itch to try new things! that's something i'm grateful for. 

are you a maker? what is your favorite thing to make? anything you want to learn? let me know below!  

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