march meet the maker : day 7 : you

march meet the maker : day 7 : you

day 7 : you

already we are a whole week in to this wonderful [instagram] challenge and every year i love it a little bit more! i'm reminded of past years thanks to facebook memories and it's so cool to be able to see how things have changed a little [or a lot] with my business. 

today's topic/theme leads me to introduce myself, as i'm the face behind 1cre8ivemess!

fun fact - i don't love this photo! it was taken in vegas this past november. i love the colorful background and wanted a photo in front of it, but my arms weren't long enough to get a decent selfie and the sun was shining so hard it was impossible not to squint! but it will have to work because it definitely encapsulates my love of color. maybe on the next trip i can try again!

since the whole month is all about the business side of things, i thought i would share five-ish random things about me, not necessarily related to 1cre8ivemess. 

a. i collect ampersands and have a whole shelf in my craft castle dedicated to them. it all started with a gift from my brother and that one will forever be my favorite. it's on the far left in the [old] photo below. not only are they fun to draw, but i just love the way they look. 

b. i love to read! this year i'm participating in a challenge on/through the goodreads app and i'm hoping to complete 52 books. i'm a little behind, but i'm planning on catching up soon. it doesn't matter what kind of book, but so far i've knocked out a few self-help, some creative art books, some fiction and an autobiography. currently i'm in the middle of furiously happy - a funny book about horrible things by jenny lawson and i have no idea what it's truly about but i'm laughing my way through it and it makes me happy. 

c. i have my hand-drawn smiley faces tattooed on the bottoms of my big toes. the right one is almost gone because i walk harder on my right foot. it's also ironic because i hate feet - truly. i rarely wear shoes and if i had it my way, people would have lego blocks for feet. but back to the tattoo topic - i also want to get another one but can't commit to where or when. it's amazing how permanent they are! these are two that i've found online and really like - but only time will tell. clearly, in case you haven't figured it out yet, i have a thing for color.  

d. i often refer to myself as an extroverted introvert. i will happily talk your ear off about art or the things i'm crazy about, but i'm also completely content to stay home in my bubble and avoid all the people. although i do really like to travel and explore new places and experiences. i think i can be both shy and outgoing and i like both qualities in different ways. 

e. i have worked in a restaurant since i was 16! two main chains/brands the entire time, but often in different locations or after a short break for something else that didn't work the way i planned. i would love to say i hate it - and some days i do. [it's definitely very people-y out there!] but i'm really good at it, it's fantastic money and also it led me to my favorite human. 

e.5 my favorite human. not only is he one of the most decent, stand-up people i've ever met, but he's just got this southern charm that hoodwinked me when i wasn't paying attention. we share lots of the same goals and hobbies [hello country music concerts!] and he's always [and i mean always] encouraging me to do what my heart wants: buy the supplies, go to the conference, take a chance, etc. he's one of my biggest supporters and overall helpers and life wouldn't be nearly as fun without him. plus, we take pretty rad selfies together. 

so there's a few fun tidbits about me. i hope you'll continue to come back over the next 24 days to learn a little bit more about the important stuff - what makes 1cre8ivemess what it is! 

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