march meet the maker : day 6 : reducing waste

march meet the maker : day 6 : reducing waste

day 6 : reducing waste

many moons ago i read this quote and i loved it. 

these days i think about it on a whole different level. 

it's true that without art this world would be a completely boring one. considering that my craft deals with an entirely recyclable product, i want to do everything i can to make as many smart choices as possible. 

here's a few ways i'm trying to do better ...

on my cards themselves : i recycle paper. when i cut pieces down to die-cut or embellish, the "leftover" pieces go into a scrap container. i save them so i can use them on future projects. if the pieces are too small to be used, they are recycled instead of thrown in the trash. 

on my packaging : the distributor i receive my plastic sleeves from is now offering an eco-friendly option that is 100% biodegradable. i have quite a few of the original style left, but am researching the best way to use as little plastic as possible. there's a significant price increase, but i feel the world is worth it. 

when you purchase from me at shows i'll be asking if you want/need a bag for your items while i work through the stash i have left of cello-bags. here's another avenue for me to look into a more earth-friendly option as well. 

on shipping items : for large purchases that require boxes, i will re-use bubble wrap from amazon purchases whenever possible to avoid more plastic being purchased. i also tend to wrap packages in tissue paper which is also biodegradable. 

how can you help me? 

when you purchase a card, consider saving it after sending it [or ask your recipient to do the same] - they look great framed or on display. instead of a disposable item, think of it as a small piece of he[art].

bring a reusable bag to shows and events! if you buy from 3-5 makers each time, think of all the packaging and bags you can help save! if everyone who came to the show did that, think how many small changes would be adding up. 

if you order online and you're fine skipping the individual sleeves - leave me a note in the comments section. they can be saved for a future item. each purchase is individually wrapped in tissue paper as well. 

when we all start making conscious choices to do and be better, they add up. we might end up saving this one planet we have after all. 

if you've got ideas or suggestions on other ways for me to improve, i would love to hear them! what do your other favorite companies do to help the planet?

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