march meet the maker : day 31 : faq

march meet the maker : day 31 : faq

day 31 : faq

i get lots of questions at shows and also via social media, so i thought i'd take a quick minute to answer a few of the most popular ones [that i haven't already addressed throughout the month!]

what's your favorite style of card to create?

i think my absolute favorite style to make are the sassy-thinking of you cards. i'm personally a little sassy [okay a lot sassy] and what better reason to send a card than to let someone know you're thinking of them?! it's the most random kind of card and usually the most unexpected - which is always the best kind! [at least in my opinion.]

what's your favorite tool to use?

ahhh this is such a tricky one! i have so many fun tools and they all do different things. so, since i like odd numbers i'll name three, because i don't think i can pick just one. 

my minc foiler is near the top of this list. it is a magical tool that creates fun and flashy results by heat sealing decorative foil sheets onto any design i choose. 

the misti stamp positioner makes my perfectly stamped & aligned designs possible. i have always been cdo about things and used to have a rigorous process to make sure everything was perfect, but this tool makes everything a gazillion times easier. it's also a tool that i use on 99.9% of my cards. 

i can't name a third. i have too many. so this'll just be a short-long list of some of my other go-to tools, although i could never name them all. my silhouette, envelope punch, heat embosser, die-cut machine, blending inks and tools, paper trimmers, tiny attacher, label maker, pastes and stencils, corner rounders, and the list goes on. 

where's your favorite place to find inspiration?

i have this framed board of inspiration on my way into the craft castle. it's full of quotes, mantras and statements that speak to me. whenever i feel like i'm struggling i can always find some new aspect to lead me in the right direction. plus, there's always pinterest. not even just creative ideas on pinterest, but recipes, plant suggestions, and home decor tips. plus the adobe capture app makes me happy in finding new color combos in everyday objects. 

this month has been great for me - i love learning more about myself and my process in ways i haven't thought about before. i also really enjoy sharing that process with you all as well. it's one of the perks that i enjoy about other small businesses as well - it's the little things and small details that make us so much better than the big box stores. 

as i've mentioned a few times throughout this month, i'm taking part in the 100-day challenge and it officially kicks off on april 7, but i'll have a few sneak peeks coming up before then. i hope you'll follow along on that journey as well! 


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