march meet the maker : day 27 : future goals

march meet the maker : day 27 : future goals

day 27 : future goals

back when the prompts came out for this monthly challenge, i looked ahead to start thinking about what i would want to focus on each day. 

this topic scared me - mostly because once you say something out loud it becomes real, and that can be scary. imagining something in your head is one thing, but once it's out there - that's totally different. 

i have tried really hard to challenge my inner rachel hollis and totally work on right now goals as well as future goals. i have so many things that i want to work on and some of them are small and some are so huge i don't even know how i will get there. 

with the uncertainty of the times [i know i keep dwelling on this - so sorry] i am trying to do something each day that gets me further to where i want to end up. this quote keeps coming back to me in one form or another. 

but when it comes down to the actual goals and things - here are just a few for the near future and the way-down-the-road future...

- i want to make so many cards. i have a gazillion ideas and finding the time is the current struggle. [my 9-5 has been taken some time to adjust to since the dynamic of the restaurant business is changing with the social distancing issues.] i'm really looking forward to the 100 day challenge because i think that i'm going to be able to get a lot done. fingers crossed anyways. 

- i'm debating making some digital designs. this is totally out of my wheelhouse and so i'm on the fence because it does take away from the handmade feel, but it would also save so. much. time. plus, right now i don't have an ipad pro or an apple pencil which would be essential in that plan. so again...maybe down the road. 

- i would love to share as much handmade happiness as possible. i want to start a ripple and make so many waves. i want to find a way to pass on my passion for sharing kindness. it doesn't have to be an earth-shattering thing to share kindness - it's just as simple as writing a note. 

- another idea is to market my cards as a decorative element. i have a few friends who i regularly send mail to that have mentioned how they like to display the cards. so i'm thinking - maybe in some way or shape or form i can make small pieces of art in the style of a card, but not actually a card. i don't even know if that makes sense in the real world, but to me it does. 

there are so many other ideas, plans and goals i have for the future and i don't know what the end game of 1cre8ivemess even is. i know that uncertainty can throw a couple wrenches into things so my plan is to work a little each day to make things happen. 

little steps continually equal big leaps eventually. starting a few ripples and making many waves. sharing kindness in as many directions as i can! 

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