march meet the maker : day 26 : this or that

march meet the maker : day 26 : this or that

day 26 : this or that

i'm choosing to focus today on a question that i often get from customers in regards to this or that. one or the other. tacos or tequila, if you will. [obviously both there!] but the question that i think i get the most often is do i prefer making one of a kind cards or small batches of similar styles [that i sell] more?

that's like asking me which is my favorite pupper - hercules or harley. 

i love both of them, but same days i lean one way over the other. i mean i love when hercules is my shadow pup and follows me everywhere i go and i love when harley snuggles up next to me on my pillow at night. 

oh but the card question. yes, back to that. 

one of a kind cards are often a great way for me to play and experiment with ideas and techniques before i dive into making a small batch. this way if they don't turn out the way i had planned, i can adjust before ruining supplies. often the one of a kinds are the ones that i send out to friends and so they have more meaning to me because they are one of a kind. 

when i make small batches [usually 4-8 of a style] i typically know how the card is going to turn out design-wise. it's often a "safe" choice for me to make. there are only a handful of styles that i've made more than once and i've only made them repeatedly because they're so popular. this is one of those designs!

sometimes though, the one of a kinds lead me to a small batch because i try something that works and i can't wait to expand on it. sometimes i find inspiration and can't wait to share it in as many ways as possible.

so if you ask me which i prefer, it really might be a game time decision as to which answer you'll get. it might depend on what i'm working on in that moment. for the most part, i love them both equally! 

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