march meet the maker : day 21 : change

march meet the maker : day 21 : change

day 21 : change

change is definitely a word in my vocabulary, especially when it comes to my business. 

it's not always a bad thing. i try to embrace change, even though i'm not a huge fan of it to begin with. 

but i'm learning that nothing changes - if nothing changes. it's very similar to the saying that if order to get something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. 

my ultimate goal is to have this little card business be a full time gig. i've got some plans and dreams to expand on it in different ways, and those things will come with time. i know that i need to make more time for marketing, making, events and all the other things or else things will stay the way they are. 

don't get me wrong, things are great - but they could always be better, right? especially in the times we are in now with the uncertainty of what's to come and what's happening. 

i like to see how far i've come and the things that have changed along the way. i've done so many more events and shows these last few years, so i know i'm reaching more and more people. i am expanding the type of products that i make so i know i might appeal to more people. and i'm trying - new ideas, techniques, products, - you name it, because i want to be create the best version of 1cre8ivemess that i can be. and so that's when i really like this saying of nothing changes if nothing changes. because if i'm not trying to get better, what am i doing?

what do you think of the word change? good thing or bad thing? what feelings does it evoke in you?


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