march meet the maker : day 20 : marketing

march meet the maker : day 20 : marketing

day 20 : marketing

this is one of the hard parts of the business and i am learning every single day how to be better at it.

right now i'm focusing on what i know and that's social media. and when i say that i know it, i merely know that people are on social media. these days, quite a bit. 

i post on instagram and it's probably my favorite way to post and share. i love the background that i designed [with the canva app] and it's on my agenda, especially once this month is over, to make a calendar to have more scheduled and planned posts. i enjoy searching hashtags and discovering many makers who make incredible things. it's something that i'm still learning about, but i'm enjoying the process. 

in terms of canva, it's been an amazing tool for me. as mentioned above, not only did i create my instagram background with it, but i also use it for my newsletter and facebook banners. it's an incredible app and while i'm still learning how to use it and explore all the features it has, i am loving it!

facebook - where i really started on social media - is another great avenue for me to market. i have a business page where i share my instagram posts [mostly automatically] and i'm working on getting better about sharing details there as well. it's also great for sharing the events that i'm participating in. again, with changing algorithms it's a little tricky to figure out, but i'm excited to learn. 

shopify has been an incredible home for my online shop and my blog! i love how easy it is to navigate and use, and the fact that it's on all my platforms is great too! 

i like to follow a lot of the trends and see what's working for friends and other makers as well. sharing is caring and the best ideas are great when shared. i know i've got a lot to learn, but i'm really looking forward to the process. 

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