march meet the maker : day 2 : hands at work

march meet the maker : day 2 : hands at work

day 2 : hands at work

do you have any idea how hard it is to photograph your own hands in the middle of doing something, without it looking awful?

dang. near. impossible. 

but man, these hands. 

these hands cut paper and fold paper and stamp sentiments and place sequins and stuff packing sleeves. 

[these hands desperately need a fresh manicure.] they also crack knuckles entirely too often, hold diet coke cans and type on phones and laptops to search for inspiration, grow this business and support friends + makers. 

this little glimpse of these hands - i'm so lucky to be able to do what i want to do. i've often talked about it with jon. i could give him all the supplies and talk/walk him through my process, but it wouldn't be the same as what i can create - because it's my hands making the magic. 

i will settle for the awful photos of my hands doing what i do, because the photos of the finished products are always better. and while not 100% perfect every time, that's the beautiful thing about my hands and my process. i'm a human making the handmade cards - not a machine in a mass-producing setting. if it looks like they were made by hand, it's because they were.

my hands. 

such a great feeling. 

share with me what your hands make - i'd love to see! in addition to cards, these hands also like to crochet, bake, cook, scrapbook, paint, and learn.

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