march meet the maker : day 19 : packaging

march meet the maker : day 19 : packaging

day 19 : packaging

today i'm sharing a little collage focusing on some of the elements included with my packaging - in one way or another. 

i take pride in the details, from the protective sleeves that each of my cards are packaged in to the bubble mailers they're sent out in. 

when each card is finished, my name and information are added to the back - much like hallmark or american greetings. this way, if someone receives it in the mail they can know where to look for more awesome cards! fun fact --- i used to always try and camouflage my information, so if the card base was blue i'd stamp it in blue or if it was a yellow base i would stamp in yellow. i didn't want it [my name] to stand out too much or take away from the card. then i realized a few things: it's on the back, it's not taking away from anything! secondly, i am dang proud of these cards so why shouldn't i put my name and info on the back?! so now i stamp every card in black or white [for black cards.]

additionally, [not shown above] tucked into the protective sleeve is an insert with all the information about the enclosed card. what kind of sentiment might be on the inside, what color envelope is included, what number the card is in the series, as well as my website and where they can find me on social media. 

for all online orders, i include a packing slip. i carefully check and double check to make sure each card ordered is included and i physically check them off the list. my information is on this slip too so they remember where they ordered from!

i want people to feel like they're opening a really special present when they receive ordered cards in the mail - because they are! they took the time to carefully think out what they wanted to spend their hard-earned money on and i'm so grateful for that! i wrap each bundle of cards in colorful tissue paper before putting them into brightly colored bubble mailers [for added protection via transport] or boxes. [not shown] i also tuck in a small handwritten note. these are usually only about 3x4 inches, but it's enough room for me to say thanks! i'll also include a business card. 

i don't yet have logo stickers but it's on my eventual list. since my information is included on the card itself, i'm not sure i see the need for a sticker. i think it's an "extra" that could be nice one day, but for now i'm content with my system. 

the last photo included above is of postage stamps. i include this because as i've mentioned before, not only do i make cards, but i mail them as well. as i've posted in many mail it monday posts, i love when i can have the outside postage coordinate with the inside card and/or the colorful envelope. it's such a bummer to me that the usps changes their styles of postage so frequently. just as soon as i love a style it becomes impossible to find! but, this also means that i get to buy a new design, so maybe it's okay! 

are there elements of packaging that stick out to you? what do you love to see when you open something you've ordered online? 

come back tomorrow so you can read about my take on marketing. 

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