march meet the maker : day 17 : proud of

march meet the maker : day 17 : proud of

day 17 : proud of

this topic is a tough one for me to be completely honest. man, joanne [the creator of #marchmeetthemaker] is bringing the hard topics this year! 

on more days than not, i feel like a complete failure. i haven't done as much as i would have liked, or i'm behind where i want to be. i'm not making enough progress or enough money. i don't have enough connections and it's hard not to feel like i'll ever get where i want to be. 

but ... but, i've done some things. 

last year i participated in more events and shows than ever before [30!] and even though i've gotten more introverted as i've gotten older - i talked to people at every single event. 

i designed, created and launched a website. it still needs a ton of work, but it exists and people even order off of it sometimes. 

i've tried new-to-me techniques. i've researched and learned new skills and perfected some other skills. 

after searching pinterest, i made a sketch, bought some supplies, [and with a little help from daddio] built an amazing display. it shows off way more cards that just setting them on a table.

i made a unified instagram feed that i currently love and i created a newsletter. i'm reaching out to people and doing everything i can to try and help spread the word on how great my cards are and why everyone needs them. 

so there's a handful of things i've done. i'm still a work in progress and my to-do list is almost always endless. perhaps the most significant thing that i'm proud of is that i haven't given up. 

things have been hard and scary and downright challenging and even though i'm not always sure that what i'm doing is the right thing, i show up. i try. and i give it everything i've got. nobody can say that i'm not dedicated or that i don't work hard. 

that's what i want to continue to try to do each day!

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