march meet the maker : day 16 : self care

march meet the maker : day 16 : self care

day 16 : self care

this is a tricky one for me to share, because in all transparency, i'm not always so great at the self care portion of life. 

i create because it makes me happy. it also stresses me out and drives me crazy, but i love it with every ounce of my being. when i'm not creating for business i'm creating for me, in one way or another. 

but the other things that help make me not-so-in-my-own-head and not so stressed out? there's a few:

- hunting for rae dunn amazingness for the craft castle [and the w2 house]

- reading books [currently in my pile of in-progress and next up: let's pretend this never happened, the impossible first and get out of your own way]

- crocheting, especially with super colorful & squishy yarn

- snuggling the puppers of the w2 house - harley & hercules, my chihuahua-mix rescues

- stalking instagram for inspiration and pinning ideas on pinterest

- napping. i'm not a great sleeper at night time, but man can i crash during naptime. add in a fuzzy blanket and i'm all set! 

- texting with my two besties that i met in college. totally different in their own ways, they make my life so much better by bringing me happiness, laughter, encouragement, sarcasm and real talk. 

- scrapbooking our adventures. while it's still creating, it makes me so happy and often calms me down to record our memories. 

- hanging out with that crazy texan who stole my heart. binge-watching tv, trying out a new restaurant or just hanging out at home - he makes my heart happy and that's always good for me & my self care. 

what do you do to practice self care? anything you've tried that you can't live without? let me know below!

take care of yourself - and eachother. 

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