march meet the maker : day 13 : usp [unique selling point]

march meet the maker : day 13 : usp [unique selling point]

day 13 : usp [unique selling point]

i've been thinking about this prompt since they were released. i've had discussions with people about my "elevator speech" and have done some soul-searching thinking as to what truly makes my products unique. 

i think i've got two main points/aspects of my business that are interwoven with one another. first off is the fact that my cards are handmade. they aren't mass produced and they aren't available any and everywhere cards are sold. some might see that as a setback, but i don't. i have a friend who received the same birthday card from 3 of her kids because they all went to target. not only did they all spend close to $9 on a card, but there wasn't a ton of thought that went into it. either that or they know her really well, haha! people who are purchasing my cards are either coming to shows to see me or are shopping online, both things i greatly appreciate. 

secondly is that i focus on cards for the everyday. i don't market myself as a "hallmark holiday" type of seller. yes, i have birthday cards and cards for the main holidays, but the majority of them are for everyday reasons; cheering someone up, thinking of you, encouragement. i think that sending everyday happy mail is so much more important than sending a once a year kinda card. 

this is one of my favorites and can be sent for any number of reasons. 

this particular card has four individually die-cut layers and has been hand-colored and stamped. hallmark, american greetings and papyrus can't say that! it's something i think is a hugely personal detail and it's one of my favorite parts of the business - being able to say yes, i made this! 

i would love your feedback as to what you think stands out about my products - feel free to comment below! 


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