march meet the maker : day 14 : current project

march meet the maker : day 14 : current project

day 14 : current project

on any given day, at any given moment, i have roughly 2,847,513* projects going on. [*sometimes these projects only exist in my head, but i think they still count.] from scheming ideas to designing sketches to debating new crafts to try or find inspiration from, it's a lot. 

often i can't even keep things straight. i have a handful of notebooks where i store ideas, sketches, plans, goals and dreams for all the things. [for longer than i'd like to admit, i was afraid to use these notebooks in fear of "ruining" them or not using them correctly - so silly!]

so currently i'm working on the following things:

- finishing touches for my monthly newsletter [if you're not signed up, you totally should. it's filled with good stuff!]

- mapping out plans for a successful #the100dayproject [more details on that coming soon!]

-  sketching card ideas for #mailitmonday cards

- tweaking a show list for the rest of the year

- making lists of item to make, and when to load them to the website

and the list goes on. i've often said my mind is like a kaleidoscope full of colors and ideas and it never calms down. sometimes it bothers and overwhelms me, but most days it makes me thrive. 

what would you like to see? any requests? drop them below. 

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