Mail It Monday #27

Mail It Monday #27

welcome back! 

you might have noticed i was on a little hiatus for these types of posts over the last two weeks. truthfully, i didn't have the energy to share, but i have been sending mail. 

the majority of cards that i've been mailing have been created as part of #the100dayproject and you can see all of those cards in the gallery here. i know i usually share the process behind the card that i made the previous week but since i'm also sharing the details in the individual daily posts, i didn't want to write about the same thing. 

instead, let's talk about some of the awesome postage that i ordered from over the last few weeks. as i've mentioned time and again, i really enjoy having the postage match or coordinate with both the envelope as well as the card and so i picked up some super colorful postage that i'm really excited about. 

the ombre goodness of those john lennon stamps? gorgeous. the woodstock ones are some of my go-to's because they're just so colorful. and sesame street? i mean come on, they're perfect for mail that i send to younger humans as well as friends. how can it not make you smile? hidden in the back are some scenic rivers that are also gorgeous. 

i'm actually debating creating some kind of art with the stamps that i love too much to send. i have a few that aren't made anymore that i can't bear to use. i'm just trying to figure out the best way to go about it! suggestions are definitely welcome! 

we could all use a little happiness and sunshine these days so i do encourage you to check out the newest additions to my online shop as well as the non-traditional holidays listed below. 

there's always a good reason to send some mail and mail handmade happiness. 

may 5 - national teacher appreciation day

may 6 - national nurses day

may 7 - national day of reason

may 8 - national military spouse appreciation day

may 9 - national babysitter's day

may 10 - mother's day

may 11 - national twilight zone day

there's definitely a handful of good ones in there and some of those people [if not all of them] can use a thank you for sure! 

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