mail it monday #23

mail it monday #23

monday numero dos of #quarantine2020 and today i'm sharing a card i dropped in the mail last week. 

it's pretty simple, but had a lot of heart going into it. last week was a crazy week for me as i'm sure it was for many of you. i didn't get a ton of creative time [although my list of things to work on feels like it is 381,6914 miles long!] 

i sent it to a friend from work - i'm not sure that they know the impact they have on me on a daily basis and how they can always cheer me up and make me smile. i've gotten to know them a little better within the last few months and i consider myself lucky to work with them.

i had intentions of the patterned [swirly purple] paper covering the majority of the front of the card. i initially stamped the sentiment on that portion and tried to heat emboss it in silver - but it was a major fail. the paper has a subtle sheen to it and a different texture than normal cardstock and the powder didn't melt the right way. so i used the opposite side of the die-cut panel and added a strip of a coordinating purple color before stamping the sentiment directly onto the card base. 

i felt like the purple patterned paper resembled a galaxy. at first i thought about adding in some sequins but thought that they might be a bit much and then i remembered that i had these iridescent stars! i added a few of them and when the light catches them just the right way, they look awesome. 

this is a little plainer that some of my other cards, but i love the vibe it has. and more importantly, i love what i was able to write on the inside, and hopefully make my friend's day!

it's a goal of mine to share as much handmade happiness via snail mail as i can in the next few weeks. i'm definitely trying to up my card game from just one a week. i think we all need as much sunshine, kindness and friendship - from a distance - as we can possibly get! 

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