mail it monday #22

mail it monday #22

what a monday! 

at least here in ohio, it's a crazy monday. coronavirus is taking over the world and nearly everything, including my day job, have been shut down [for the most part.]

it's a scary time for sure, and uncertainty is inevitable. i have been overly impressed though with social media; coming together to support one another in the community. parents who are suddenly at home teachers are sharing resources, ideas, plans and offering help where needed. people pleading to grocery stores to open early so elderly people can shop without fear of getting sick while supplies are still available. friends suggesting online games and challenges since weekly dates and get-togethers are unavailable. community members offering assistance to those who need pet supplies and can't get out, those who are fostering animals while they're stuck at home. 

it's almost like people are remembering how to be kind.

i know it is a scary time. so many questions and no idea if or when answers will be available. i'm personally trying to embrace it as each day comes, making things happen here in the w2 house and as always, sharing as much handmade happiness as possible. 

today's mail it monday has inspired me even more since mailing it. i'm going to take the theme of the card and make a bunch of varieties to add to my online shop. i think people need to reach out to one another as much as we can right now, and what better way to do that than through snail mail?

the cdc is warning people about being in close proximity, so hugging is clearly out of the question. but sending hugs through the mail? i think that's a wonderful solution. 

the background for this card came about after some experimentation with distress inks being used as watercolors. there are numerous layers built up to intensify the colors. i love blending to get intermediate shades and the edge-taping on this one just turned out perfectly. it's a 5-1/2 x 5-1/2 inch square and instead of cropping it, i decided to just make a square card. 

i used foam tape to lift the entire front off of a black card base so that it could be seen around the edges and coordinate with the stamped sentiment. this is from one of my favorite stamp sets from papertrey ink - those little x's and o's make me so happy!

the photograph of the colors on this card front just doesn't do it justice. holy crap on a cracker, it's so bright and i just love it. i wanted to keep it, but the best feeling is sharing something that makes me happy with someone else. 

because i made this card a little bigger than normal and because it was square, it wouldn't fit into a traditional envelope. no worries though. i decided to make my own envelope out of heavy black cardstock and i used the we r memory keepers envelope tool. [man do i love that thing, i just don't use it nearly enough!]

i added some white lines around the perimeter of the envelope to play off of the white border on the front of the card. i also added some colorful postage [not shown] to elude to what's inside. 

but my favorite part of this card? [yes, i know, i've got a lot of favorites in terms of this card!] the new-to-me technique i tried on the back of the envelope. nearly two years ago i purchased a wax seal on etsy and have been afraid to use it. today i busted it out. 

i freaking love it. i want to wax seal all the things. i want to buy all the colors of wax to match everything. this could be dangerous! i bought a seal that looks like a fingerprint so that it appears like i pushed the envelope closed, because honestly, that's genius.

tell me that isn't the coolest thing ever?! ahhh i love it. 

i'll be adding more cards to the shop this week as i work on my super long list of things to make. i'm also continuing to document my month of march meet the maker, both on instagram and in the blog. 

i encourage you to mail some happiness this week - the world could certainly use it! need a few reasons? check out these non-traditional holidays coming up:

march 17 - national corned beef & cabbage day

march 18 - national awkward moments day

march 19 - national let's laugh day

march 20 - national ravioli day

march 21 - national single parent day

march 22 - national goof off day

march 23 - national chip & dip day

which day are you most looking forward to? have a great week - and wash your hands. 

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