mail it monday #21

mail it monday #21

hey friends! happy monday!

anybody else struggle with the monday after daylight savings time? i'm so torn because i absolutely love the sunshine and feeling like i have more day time, but man do i dislike the loss of sleep. i feel like it messes with me for a whole week after! good thing today is national napping day - i feel like i need to participate in that. 

but first i'll share the card i made + mailed last week. i got a new car the week before last and the woman who helped me with the process was amazing and i wanted her to know how much i appreciated her!

the front panel was created by watercoloring with distress inks. i would put down a light layer of color, heat it to dry with my heat tool and then repeat the process until i got the depth of color i was after. i really like the ombre color scheme. when the color was where i wanted it, i flicked on some water and after a few seconds, dabbed it up with a dry paper towel. [because distress inks react with water, it removes part of the color.] to mimic the water splotches, i flicked on small drops of silver paint.

then i decided to dry emboss the panel using a sunburst pattern because for me it invoked a celebratory feeling. i die-cut the word thanks three different times from black cardstock and then stacked them on top of one another for some added dimension. 

nothing is complete without sequins, so i added a smattering of clear sparkly sequins creating a visual triangle that moves your eye around the card. i used foam tape to adhere the panel to the card front. however, the panel was slightly smaller than most of my panels due to some cropping, so i had a little extra room on the left hand side. i added in hand-drawn black lines from the top to the bottom. i was a little nervous about them, but i like the way it turned out. 

hopefully she will like it and know how much i appreciated her help! 

need a few reasons of your own to send some snail mail this week? check out these non-traditional holidays:

march 10 - national pack your lunch your day

march 12 - national plant a flower day

march 13 - national good samaritan day

march 14 - national pi day [3.14]

march 16 - national panda day

i'll be back next week for another edition of #mailitmonday, but in the meantime you can follow along during my month-long challenge of #marchmeetthemaker

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