Mail It Monday #18

Mail It Monday #18

happy mail it monday - on a tuesday, friends! [since yesterday was a holiday and there weren't any postal services, i decided to post today.]

i'm super excited to share the card from this last week! it's not often that i can say that i'm mailing a card to someone i've never met, but that happened this time. 

for a bit of a quick backstory - i'm in a facebook group about positivity and lifting women up and pretty much drinking the rachel hollis koolaid [if you don't know who she is, check out this book and this book and then stalk her on instagram because it's totally worth it!] and it's one of the most amazing things i've been a part of. so, this girl who is also in the group wanted to brag on her bestie who is not in the group - but who, get this - signed up to run 7 full marathons - in 7 consecutive days - on 7 continents. holy crap on a cracker, that's insane. [less than 200 people have completed this challenge in all the years it's been going on.]

she posted on the first or second day about keri [the friend] and her progress and so many women chimed in that they wanted her to keep us updated. so she did! and amid weather delays and changes in plans, this chick keri did it. she ran 183.4 miles in less than a week. holy inspiration, batman. 

we as women can do hard things! she was raising money for the american cancer society in honor of her dad and what's more amazing than a selfless deed that benefits other people?!

she has shared a few links on her facebook page and is accepting donations [especially in the amount of $7 for 7-7-7] and spreading awareness. i'm just in awe and completely inspired. so of course, i decided to make & mail a card to tell her how awesome she is. 

my bestie laura helped me pick out the color scheme of orange-yellow-green and i got to work. i've had this stamp set called "she moves" from papertrey for quite some time but had never used it. i love the way a shadow figure with a slight texture was included so you can make it look like the figure is running. i started with a darker orange and worked my way back to yellow. it gets a little tricky to see, but there are seven figures in all - to match the seven days of running. i also added in the days of the week in the order she ran. 

i filled the top left portion of the card with encouraging and supportive sentiments because truly, this girl is incredible. i don't ever want to complain about two miles on the #treadmilldreadmill again after thinking about her impressive run. 

i hope that this gets to her and she knows just how impressed people are with her incredible journey. i'm so happy that i stumbled across the story - i've told several runner friends about it and they've all agreed that she's on a whole 'nother level! 

who doesn't need a little encouragement or notes of support for kicking butt at challenges?! ran a marathon? send a card to that friend. got both kids to nap at the same time? send a card to celebrate that momma. started a small business? send a card with well wishes to that friend. 

we all need more happy mail. i've said it a gazillion times before and i will continue to yell it from every rooftop - start a ripple and make a wave. that juju comes back 1000 times more powerful and this world needs more kindness! 

need a few fun upcoming non-traditional holidays to send some mail for? [sign up for my newsletter - i'm beginning to share months at a time instead of just weeks at a time! you can also find past issues here.]

february 20 - national love your pet day

february 21 - national caregivers day

february 22 - national margarita day

february 24 - national tortilla chip day

it seems that many of the national holidays revolve around food, but honestly, as a kid that really likes to eat, i'm okay with it! do you have a favorite non-traditional holiday? let me know below in the comments!

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