Mail It Monday #11

Mail It Monday #11

happy last monday of the year friends! it's hard to believe that 2019 has gone so quickly!

the end of the year always sneaks up on me and i hate to admit that the card i made + mailed last week was for a friend's birthday [after the fact!] here's hoping my friend didn't mind the card being late, but appreciated the fact i sent it! 

i combined some scraps of black and white patterned paper with a tone-on-tone green patterned piece to form the bottom portion of this card. using this set from lawn fawn, i stamped the adorable turtle carrying a present on his back. i colored the images with some of my favorite primsacolor markers. the sentiment reads "happy birthday" in black ink and then i added a hand-drawn arrow signaling to the word "belated" which is stamped in the same green ink as the background. 

a fun detail was deciding to use a black envelope. obviously i'll need to add the address portion on the front, so to ensure the writing shows up, i added a small block of the patterned tone-on-tone patterned paper from the front of the card. to highlight the box i added hand-drawn lines around the edges of the square block. 

the entire front panel was elevated off of the card base with foam tape - one of my favorite things to do. mixing patterns is another favorite - what goes better together than black, white, chevrons and polka dots?

i'm hoping the last days of the year are amazing for you and that the next year brings you loads of happiness. please remember that sending snail mail is one thing that's super easy to do, but is sure to make others happy as well. 

in case you need a few reasons to send some mail, check these out:

january 1 - new years day 

january 4 - national trivia day

january 5 - national bird day

january 6 - national cuddle up day

next monday i'll be sharing a sneak of my exclusive set of cards that will be available starting on january 10 - i hope you'll come check it out!

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