holiday gift giving guide - day 9

holiday gift giving guide - day 9

welcome back! i hope that you're getting some ideas out of these posts!

today's ideas are geared towards the men in your life - often husbands or boyfriends - who might be getting harder to shop for.

you might think to yourself, "he doesn't send cards" - but maybe with this gift you pick out cards you'd like to be on the receiving end of and do a little shopping for you too!

car washing supplies

maybe your dude loves taking pride in washing the car - stock up on a new bucket, sponges and soap! you could even include some wax or an interior cleaner or wipe. is he not the type to put in the work? that's what car wash tokens or subscriptions are for! in a quick drive thru, the car can be looking just as sharp as the day you bought it! maybe as an added bonus, your car will end up cleaner too! 

scratch off lottery tickets

while he's already lucky to have you, what guy [or person, really] doesn't enjoy the rush of scratching off that silver foil to reveal a winning prize? with so many options available, even a few dollars could end up with a big win! i've done this idea in the past and had great results! for an added bonus - find a coin with a year that's significant to you to be used as the lucky scratching tool! the year you met, the year you got married - anything that's significant!


i'm not talking about a six pack of bud light here [although some dudes would probably love that!] but some kind of special drink. maybe it's a bottle of something he's had his eye on trying or maybe it's an assortment of local ipa's. my guy is from texas and in the past i've tried to find a holiday release from one of the big breweries down there to surprise him. lots of local liquor stores have a unique variety, oftentimes with a better selection than your traditional state liquor agency. is he super picky about what he drinks? maybe consider an accessory like whiskey stones, a personalized or custom koozy or even a cool opener or wall display. the ideas are endless!

don't forget to include a few cards - even if it's just one telling him how much he means to you! i've got quite the selection available here

next week will bring the final three installments of my holiday gift giving guide! have a great weekend! 

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