holiday gift giving guide - day 8

holiday gift giving guide - day 8

welcome back to another edition of my 2019 holiday gift giving guide! today i'll be focusing on those friends and acquaintances that are realtors. 

realtors spend so much of their time trying to help other people, isn't it time for them to get a little appreciation as well?

most of the realtors that i know are so invested - not only in their jobs but in the happiness of their clients as well. those relationships often don't end when the sale is final. 

pairing a few cards together that they can send on and out is a great starting point for a holiday [or anytime] gift!

need a few more ideas? keep reading!

planners and pens

since most realtors are super busy and always on the go, they need to stay organized! what better way than with a personalized planner to keep track of their appointments? a really good pen or a variety of colored pens might be helpful to keep schedules easy to read. there are lots of great digital organizers on the market as well, especially great for those always on their phones - itunes or google play giftcards are also good ideas. 

a meal subscription

like lots of busy adults, who wants to come home and plan out a meal for dinner? or who wants to get home only to realize they have to go back out to the store before making something to eat? and who isn't sick of the unhealthy options provided by fast food joints? a meal subscription plan would eliminate so many of these obstacles - all the ingredients are included, you can make it when you have time [even on those late nights!] and you might get something you normally wouldn't choose to make! jackpot for trying something new! lots of these subscriptions like hello fresh, blue apron, and everyplate have gift giving options and are great for a trial basis. currently they all have great bonuses for the holiday season as well.  

succulents and airplants

there's something refreshing about coming home to a plant or fresh flowers. my mini obstacle with flowers is that they aren't always in season which often leads to a short life cycle - but some of my favorite alternatives are succulents. they're super easy to keep alive [just add an ice cube to the pot once a week!], there are so many options available, and they are adorable! airplants are another great option with not needing much maintenance, great for those always on the go. i mentioned plants as an idea in this post as well. 

hopefully a few of these ideas might be helpful to you - and there's still four days left in this series!

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