holiday gift giving guide - day 7

holiday gift giving guide - day 7

welcome back to another week and a new set of posts dedicated to helping you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list - and including a few handmade cards while we're at it!

today i'll be focusing on teachers and coaches. lots of kids/students have more than one and things can add up financially if you're gifting each one of them something special. special doesn't have to mean expensive! 

this set of cards featured above is a great all-around set that would pair nicely with a simple gift as outlined below. that being said, let's get started with this list:

inspirational books & podcasts

there are so many talented and incredible teachers out there, and even more who have taken the time to write down or record tips, ideas and lessons they've learned. who doesn't enjoy learning more? a motivational book or a recommendation of a podcast you think a teacher or a coach might enjoy is often a wonderful resource. 


while i'm sure you're thinking - "a giftcard is so generic and thoughtless" - it doesn't have to be. i'm skipping ideas like starbucks [although i'm sure many teachers and coaches would appreciate those too!] and focusing on things like teachers pay teachers, amazon and sporting goods stores. teachers often spend a great deal of their [very hard earned] money to help make their classrooms great - and all three of these ideas are designed to help them out a bit. teachers pay teachers is a wonderful resource where teachers design ideas/kits/projects/products and then sell them to other teachers in a marketplace. talk about loads of inspiration! what doesn't amazon have these days?! so many options - for both the person and their classroom, if they so choose. sporting goods stores like dick's might have great accessories that hard working coaches can really appreciate!

a donation in their name

this is something slightly different but could have an awesome result. teachers often receive tons of gifts at the holiday time, but how many coffee mugs and candles do they really need? maybe consider a donation to the school in their honor or to an animal shelter if they're a dog or cat lover. sometimes the best gifts are the ones that keep on giving!

regardless of what kind of gift you decide on for the teachers and coaches in your life, please be sure to add a heartfelt thank you. as the child of educators, it makes me so happy to know how much they were appreciated for all they did! 

come back wednesday for another edition of my handmade card & holiday gift giving guide!


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