holiday gift giving guide - day 6

holiday gift giving guide - day 6

happy black friday friends! i hope that your thanksgiving was spent with family, friends and full bellies!

today i'm showcasing a few cards along with ideas for those hardworking women or mommas in your life. they often go unappreciated and unnoticed and it's about time all that changed! i'm a huge fan of supporting other women - as seen in this post - but also those mommas out there. 

sometimes it's just nice to know someone has your back. my main suggestion today is a handful of cards with an encouraging theme - your friends can send them on and share the kindness or keep them for themselves and display them for a reminder. 

onto a few quick gift ideas. some of these are slight repeats from previous days [coffee and wine], but good ideas nonetheless:

relaxation gifts

what's better than a trip to the spa where you can be pampered? not leaving your house, that's what. ideas under this category include a favorite bath bomb, a calming face mask or an appointment for a massage. it often doesn't take long to recharge, but it's always necessary. 

coffee - or wine

let's face it - lots of mommas rely heavily on coffee in the mornings and wine in the evenings. this is a wonderful opportunity for a new coffee maker, an oversized mug or a collection of flavored creamers. is she always on the go? maybe a starbucks giftcard or travel mug. as for wine - in addition to a bottle of her favorite red, pink or white, how about a new wine rack for the kitchen or chiller for those short-notice needs? you can't go wrong with liquid gifts - of either variety!

something just for her

when was the last time she purchased something just for her - without taking that moment to hesitate if it was necessary before picking up a new pair of basketball shoes for a kiddo or a must-have for the hubs? she should be spoiled! walking around target just to meander is always a good time. homegoods, tj's or marshalls? heck yes. plus, including a giftcard adds in the possibility of a shiny new something that she's had her eye on!  

monday i'll be back with both a mail it monday post as well as day 7 of my holiday gift giving guide. i encourage you to shop small whenever you're shopping, but also especially this weekend!

thanks for stopping by - i'm thankful for you!

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