holiday gift giving guide - day 5

holiday gift giving guide - day 5

happy turkey-day eve friends! 

i'm sure lots of you are gearing up for big feasts with delicious food and time spent with family and friends. some of you might even be stalking the ads to get great deals on holiday presents. that's where this post comes in handy!

regardless of who you are shopping for, you can feel better about shopping local and shopping small. today i'm featuring a handful of my ohio-themed cards for all those who love ohio but i'll also be showcasing some of my favorite makers!

the great thing about the cards in this collection is that you could group a handful of them together and gift them to someone with some ohio staples for a little gift with a taste of home. things like a malley's chocolate bar, a six-pack of great lakes brewing company beer [or an adventure of touring the brewery!], or a photo of an iconic cleveland landmark would be great to include. they could send the cards to friends from home [if they've moved away], or to even to those nearby. i can't stress enough the benefits of receiving mail, but the great thing is that because these cards aren't event specific [birthday, wedding, etc.] you can use them for any reason. jackpot!


above i mentioned a photo of a [cleveland] landmark as a gift suggestion. i also mentioned shopping local, so let me get started with a list of some of my favorite makers!


i was reintroduced to this amazing maker a few years ago [we actually went to elementary and grade school together - just a year apart!] and she has taken some of the most amazing photographs i've ever seen of this great city! she's got small prints and big prints but my favorite thing she sells are her canvases. great for room decor, they're large scale images of buildings, landmarks and scenes from the city on high quality canvas. they look amazing. she's also on facebook and on instagram and i encourage you to go check her out. she's also one of the sweetest souls i've ever met and i've never seen her not smiling! 

Kate's Colorful Crafts

i went to college with kate and we've reconnected through a bunch of local markets and shows this past year. she has the most incredible handwriting i've ever seen and that's just one of her superpowers! she hand-letters every sign - no vinyl or stenciling and her time-lapse videos on instagram are mesmerizing. in addition to handmade signs [in every size, shape and color you can think of], she also makes ornaments and these are some of my recent faves! she also hosts sign-making and paint parties so really i don't think there's anything she can't do! her facebook page lists her upcoming events and her current projects - go check her out!

Good Life Accessories

i met this maker this past summer at a 720 market and was instantly in awe - hello color! i picked up a handful of her colorful braided bracelets and have been obsessed ever since! there are a bunch on my holiday wish list. she hand-braids each individual bracelet and has a wonderful selection for adults and kiddos. i'm personally not a user of essential oils and still love these - but if you're a user, they're a must have! her instagram is full of color [seriously, so. many. choices!] and her facebook page has info about her upcoming events as well. 

i could go on and on and on about the amazing maker community, especially in northeast ohio - but maybe you should check it out yourself! there are a handful of shows and events this upcoming weekend for small business saturday. i'll be at the west side flea with some of my favorite maker friends, but there's also a great market happening with wildroots at crocker park. 

need more inspiration? okaaaaay! below are a few more makers who constantly wow me.

Fiber & Gloss
- she makes all the things! a lover of all things cleveland, her designs are truly one of a kind since she hand-draws everything. her hand drawn city & state maps are my favorite and she's one of the nicest people i've ever met! 

The Turquoise Leaf
- she makes the most incredible felt flower arrangements - so realistic and so incredible. each time i think she's topped herself, she adds another style. another show friend and amazing human. 

Stay Kool Bands
- a recent discovery for me, she makes awesome headbands that don't squish your brain but also stay put. i picked up a few of them and they're amazing! i'm getting so many compliments, i'm so happy i met her!

Grey House Blue Door
- talk about the most incredible wall hangings and weavings you've ever seen! she makes them and after meeting her this past summer i now am inspired to start another hobby. her color choices and fibers are top notch - she's so talented!

Sickels Moon Handmade
- this chick is a fierce maker and her one of a kind designs are completely mesmerizing. her jewelry is what first caught my eye but she makes some incredible cutting boards and home decor. additionally, she's super friendly and always smiling. 

Meg Anger Art
- another incredible human, i met her a few years ago and have been impressed with her creative designs ever since. she makes ornaments, stickers, bracelets - you name it - and her hand drawn designs are some of the cutest i've ever seen. 

as i mentioned, i could go on and on and on about awesome makers but these are just a few who impress me on the regular. i encourage you to check out local markets in your area - shopping small makes such a big difference. not only for the economy, but for the makers themselves. please, please, please consider shopping small this season. we do actual happy dances when you support our dreams. 

if you celebrate - i'm wishing you a happy thanksgiving full of all the good food, comfort of friends and family and blessings you can handle. 

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