holiday gift giving guide - day 2

holiday gift giving guide - day 2

welcome to day 2 of my holiday gift giving guide! 

just in case you missed it - here's where you can find the details of this guide, along with day 1 which featured gifts for the wine lovers in your life. 

today's ideal customers will be those who love coffee - and let's face it, who doesn't? i myself am not a huge cup-of-joe lover, but give me a caramel frappuccino any day of the week and i'm a happy camper!

the card above can be a gift in itself - it holds a giftcard on the inside. add in that very true sentiment and you're on your way to being a rockstar gift giver. need more ideas? keep reading, i got you! 

local coffeehouse experience

while giftcards sometimes get a bad rap for being thoughtless - they don't have to be! pair a few coffee themed cards with a gift certificate to a local coffee house or give the gift of time with a day date for a friend! get together to enjoy each other's company and the hustle + bustle of the outside world while enjoying a fancy cup of deliciousness. starbucks is wonderful and i love their trendy stores, but sometimes the local place on the corner is a hidden gem that needs to be shared. 

a book they've had their eye on

does anything really go better together than a good book and a cup of warm coffee? not sure what they're into? cheat! check out their pinterest account to see if they've pinned any books recently or ask people who know them what they've been reading recently. or - find a favorite you know they love and surprise them with a rare or unique edition!

fuzzy socks, slippers, a scarf or gloves & mittens

i just love the idea of a warm cup of coffee paired with things to keep your actual person warm! fuzzy socks are a wonderful idea for the upcoming cold months! a cozy scarf could be an outfit accent or a winter accessory! either way, you're sure to warm the heart of your recipient.

a special mug or travel cup

while most of us have a cup we already love, adding another one to our arsenal isn't the worst thing! some of my favorites are designed by rae dunn - her quirky handwriting has my heart and with all the options available, the possibilities are endless. does your recipient drive a lot? maybe consider a personalized mug that's great for the car or that is in their favorite color!

beans + water

for a bigger gift, consider fresh beans that need to be ground before use - or a grinder. maybe a personal coffee pot or an upgrade on an existing one. i don't think you actually need to include the water, but it's a fun take on giving them a new pot or machine. another idea is to consider a coffee of the month club or a subscription to try different varieties - if they're into that kind of thing. 

hopefully one or more of these ideas will be helpful for you! don't forget that i've got a selection of coffee themed cards that would be great for accenting your gift! they could even be a gift themselves!

come back on friday for the third post in this handmade card + holiday gift giving guide! 

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