holiday gift giving guide - day 12

holiday gift giving guide - day 12

welcome to the last day of my 2019 holiday gift giving guide! 

to recap what i've covered so far - here's a quick reminder: the idea is to pair a few of my handmade cards along with one of the gift ideas listed. each day focused on a different group of people - or people who like or enjoy a similar thing.

day one : wine lovers

day two : coffee lovers

day three : kids

day four : those inspired by faith

day five : ohio lovers & some of my small business friends

day six : mommas and inspiring women

day seven : teachers and coaches

day eight : realtors

day nine : men, boyfriends and husbands

day ten : families

day eleven : beer lovers

today's ideas and suggestions are great for white elephants or gift exchange ideas! i never understood the point of giving a useless gift, so i'm thinking of things that could be utilized in one way or another. 

a birthday surprise pack

gather a few birthday cards and add in a package of candles, a lighter, party hats, noise makers, a box of cake mix and cupcake liners, maybe even a gift bag or roll of wrapping paper. useful but also ironic because it's a holiday gift, not a birthday gift. 

stinky gifts

pair this adorable stinkin' awesome card with a candle, can of air freshener, scent boosters for the laundry, a box of tissues - all a play on the word "stinkin." and again - useful but also unexpected. 

the gift that keeps giving

lunchbox notes are great for small gifts or on their own. add a fun spin by adding in all those giftcards you've got lying around. your recipient will be so excited to see a stack of giftcards but might not realize that there's only $1.07 left from the original $50! it's a little tricky and maybe a little mean, but at least they'll be getting something. 

it's my hope that you've found some ideas throughout this series of posts. i'm all about sharing ideas and suggestions.

wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays this season! 

another mail it monday post will be live after the weekend - come back and check it out. 



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