holiday gift giving guide - day 11

welcome back friends!

today is a different kind of post for the gift giving guide - mainly because i'm working on creating more card styles that are suitable or fully geared towards gentlemen. so instead of my cards today, i'll be focusing on ideas that are primarily geared towards men - more specifically, men who love beer. 

these gifts can run the gamut in terms of pricing, so it's entirely up to you how detailed to make the gift. 

make your own specialty six pack

there are so many great beers on the market, and lots of them are from local breweries. many grocery stores, including giant eagle here in ohio will allow you to build your own six pack with a variety of styles and brands. what a great option for trying out new tastes without having to worry about not liking 6 or 12 bottles/cans. you can pick out a few based on flavor profiles, descriptions - or one of my favorite things, the colors of the bottle/can label! you can tell a lot by the outside marketing in my opinion. 

brewery tour

as i've mentioned in a few other posts, lots of the breweries do guided tours or taste pairings where you can try a bunch of different styles while learning about the brewing process. this can be a great way to have an excursion of a gift because it'll certainly be something to remember! if you're really going for gusto - check out some of the larger breweries like coors light in colorado or bud/bud light in columbus. 

* there are also tons of books [especially on amazon] in regards to understanding the brewing process and what to consider when trying a new beer. this is a great "openable" present if you're gifting a tour or outing. *

beer accessories

does your dude love to tailgate? how about a shiny new cooler to store all that ice cold goodness? maybe a custom koozy or botttle opener as well - just to show off all those amazing brews. there are some fun bottle opener cap guns on the market to make it even more entertaining to drink those sudsy drinks! you could also consider a shirt or a hat with the label of your favorite beer. the ideas really are quite endless - but one thing is for sure: if it has to do with beer, your dude is sure to love it!

friday will feature the end of this series of suggestions for gift giving and we'll recap on all the ideas and topics from the last few weeks! i hope you'll come back to check it out! 


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